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Steve Hagler of Starcastle band prog rock


Songwriter   |   Singer, Musician, StarCastle Founding Member

Sample tracks from Steve Hagler

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So, What's New?


Website:  -  Facebook: Stephen R. Hagler  -  YouTube: Steve Hagler  -  Spotify:  Steve Hagler  

All my newest recorded music (not yet released on CD) can be found on this site under Videos and on YouTube and posted to my site on Facebook. 


Upcoming Events


The Bright Side at Rendezvous, Saturday, Dec. 2, 7-10

Come join The Bright Side at the Rendezvous on Saturday, Dec. 2, 7-10pm! Rendezvous, 217 S. Main, O'Fallon, MO. 636-281-2233. Call to reserve a table. Hope to see you there!

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