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Steve Hagler 


So, who is this guy? 

I’m basically a songwriter, singer and performing musician. This has been a lifelong addiction, beginning with a typical string of struggling rock bands. Along the way I was a founding member of StarCastle, a progressive rock group that recorded 4 albums on EPIC Records. If you’re old enough, you may remember. We toured heavily in the US and Canada for several years, headlining shows and opening for groups such as Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Santana, Kansas, Journey and others. We played a lot of 10,000 -20,000 seat venues and had some unforgettable experiences. I’d be glad to tell you about it sometime. By the way, if you read the liner notes on our first album, I’m the one who got the broken back in our truck wreck.  (I'm fully recovered, thanks.)


Steve Hagler Gary Strater StarCastle

(Left - back to camera) Gary Strater, (Right) Steve Hagler performing with StarCastle.  

Steve Hagler Circle of Friends Stl

Since those days, I’ve continued to play and record as a solo and with a variety of other players and singers, including my wife, Carol. To address a higher calling - helping raise our two kids - I took a job in marketing and made a reliable living for many years while squeezing in as much music as possible. 

My religion is also foundational. I dropped the ball on this for a couple decades but eventually came to my senses. For the past 25 years I’ve been a member of Circle of Friends, a non-profit Christian group that has performed for hundreds of churches and other charitable organizations. I get to write a fair share of our music, and I can’t tell you how many fabulous pot luck dinners we’ve eaten together. People in little country churches definitely know how to cook! We just have more fun than we deserve … always. Here’s a link:

Steve Hagler performing with Circle of Friends 

With Sarah and Justin grown, I’ve surrendered my business ties and am doing music again pretty much full time. I love it, of course, but there’s something else...


Fundamentally, music is about touching people.  With its emotional, physical and spiritual aspects, music reaches us: heart, body and soul. Sharing this joy with others, that’s the essence.  I’m looking forward to what lies ahead...

Steve Hagler

Steve Hagler performing at the St. Charles Coffee House

Steve Hagler Echoes of Light
Steve Hagler Eight Virtues
Steve Hagler Give Back From the Heart

Complete albums I’ve written and recorded: 

  • Steve and Carol Hagler: Echoes of Light 

  • Steve Hagler: Eight Virtues 

  • Steve Hagler: Give Back From the Heart 

StarCastle StarCastle 1976 lady of the lake
StarCastle Fountains of Light 1977
StarCastle Citadel 1978
StarCastle Real to Reel 1979
StarCaste Chronos I
StarCastle Song of Times 2007

Albums I’ve played a significant role in writing and recording: 

  • StarCastle: StarCastle 

  • StarCastle: Fountains of Light 

  • StarCastle: Citadel 

  • StarCastle: Real to Reel 

  • StarCastle: Chronos I

  • StarCastle: Song of Times (I had less involvement in this one) 

  • Circle of Friends: Every Child is a Child of God 

  • Circle of Friends: Flowing Through the Heart 

  • Circle of Friends: Simple Faith

Circle of Friends Stl Every Child is a Child of God
Circle of Friends Stl Simple Faith
Circle of Friends Stl Flowing through the heart
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